Consultancies and professional service firms face an increasingly competitive market. To achieve growth, it is no longer enough to wait for the phone to ring. Senior consultants now have to sell as part of their role, something many find outside their comfort zone.

Non-sales people often have some "baggage" about sales and that can make them reticent when it comes to working on developing new opportunities. This programme is for those people, who through their consulting or professional services work, could develop and secure fresh opportunities for the firm both with existing clients and new prospects.

Designed to be experienced in just one week and delivered over seven modules, this online programme will give delegates:

  • Tips for removing the fear of selling and a mindset for leaning into the sales part of the role
  • Tools to build your mental toughness so that you can be resilient and persist
  • A personal development plan to continue to grow your skills
  • A goal-setting approach to help you work on sales as a process
  • Tips to stop being “too busy” to sell

This is not traditional sales training. All this has been developed specifically with consultants in mind based on Recludo’s work with hundreds of consultants internationally.

Ian Price

The course is designed and delivered by Ian Price. Following an early career in consulting, telecoms and payments, Ian gained an MSc in Organisational Behaviour from Birkbeck College in 2010. He is a leading practitioner in helping clients build resilience and mental toughness. Ian is a specialist in sales performance and helping consultants build their abilities in the sales part of their role. Pearson published his book Head Start in 2018 and he has spoken widely on mental toughness including on the BBC’s “Don’t Tell Me The Score” Podcast.

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